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14 december 2015, monday
Metsuda ProjectMetsuda ProjectMetsuda ProjectMetsuda ProjectMetsuda ProjectMetsuda Project
 A group of activists from the community "Beit Yaakov" involved in the project "Madrich's School", they visited the first round of the seminar named "Mutsuda." last weekend. This seminar was held near Minsk at the Center of Olympic preparation of equestrian sport. Guys have spent four days at the peak of their powers.They were invited to a lot of different training courses, classes and lectures. Meeting took place in the mode of «Shabbat friendly», so everyone who came felt comfortable and cozy. For example, students of the "Gomel Yeshiva" were provided with kosher food during these four days.
 What is "Metsuda"?
"Metsuda" - an annual training program for Jewish youth leaders, consisting of 4 visiting sessions. The program is visited by more than 50 five activists from the Jewish communities of the CIS countries each year. During this time, participants take a lot of training courses on management, leadership, volunteerism, Jewish history and traditions. In addition, each participant organizes his own community project, perhaps in tandem with one of the graduates of the team "Metsuda." Now training is conducted by several specialists from every part of the knowledges, including coaches from Israel, the USA and other countries.
 We don't want to reveal all the secrets of the seminar "Metsuda" in Belarus, because some training can be repeated in the next sessions, however, we have some photos.

Reb Yosef Zholudev, head of the community

Reb Yosef Zholudev, head of the community:The head of the community, Reb Yosef Zholudev, was born and raised in Gomel, Belarus. After graduating from University and getting a higher education in economics, he went into business. In 2005 he was elected as the chairman of the Beit Yackov community.

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