New students in our Yeshiva

04 december 2014, thursday
New students in our Yeshiva

Monday is known as a difficult day. But not for the Gomel's Eshiva is it. Among the students was fullfilment again. Menahem Dan joined us this time. He accustomed in the studies in a moment, was been called to the Torah before it. By the way, he is the fourth man who decided join a rows of the eshiva students of Gomel. Several new students are waited for in the nearest time.

Reb Yosef Zholudev, head of the community

Reb Yosef Zholudev, head of the community:The head of the community, Reb Yosef Zholudev, was born and raised in Gomel, Belarus. After graduating from University and getting a higher education in economics, he went into business. In 2005 he was elected as the chairman of the Beit Yackov community.

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