Seminar "Pesah"

19 april 2016, tuesday
Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"Seminar "Pesah"
The Beit Yaakov community in associations with the ROI Community - an international network of Jewish activists and volunteers, made seminar "Pesah and preparations for it"  near Gomel on farmsteads "Rancho". All students of program "Stars" who wanted, as well as the youth of Gomel community spent a day on the fresh air in a pine forest. The seminar was divided into several parts: educational and entertaining. The educational part was provided with lectors, who talked about what Pesah is and how to prepare for it properly. Between lectures guys from the madrich's school honed their skills and performed various interesting competitions and rest-time.
 The main part of the program was the quest "Out of Egypt," where everyone received prizes and positive mood. There were single-competition on speed and collective thinking. As it was said by the participants themselves, the best remembered station was the one where they baked matza with their own hands.
 Though it wasn't a time-competition and the winner wasn't supposed to be, competiton felt among the teamsand they did all the tasks with interest and went to the finish level by level.
 In the evening, everyone could visit the rope town with interesting and challenging track, which is located three meters above the ground and shoot a real bow.
 Seminar ended with a real kosher barbecue and the guitar-playing. So all 70 people who in spite of the weather forecast ventured to leave the city, stayed in great delight from the time there. Thank you for participating!

Reb Yosef Zholudev, head of the community

Reb Yosef Zholudev, head of the community:The head of the community, Reb Yosef Zholudev, was born and raised in Gomel, Belarus. After graduating from University and getting a higher education in economics, he went into business. In 2005 he was elected as the chairman of the Beit Yackov community.

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