In the Holiday's Eve.

09 september 2015, wednesday
In the Holiday's  Eve.In the Holiday's  Eve.In the Holiday's  Eve.
The boys from Israel arrived to Homyel's Yeshiva. Two students of Jerusalem's Yeshva "Hevron" flied today. Kohen Asher and Israel would be with us during whole two weeks and woud share with their experience of Hevrutas studying.Asher, Israel and Shimon (his name is Kirill Smirnov too) led the training by the topic "Yeshivas of Belarus", where students divided into the groups and promoted their concocted Yeshiva.We extend great thanks to Mordechay Raichinshtein, Yoseph Zholudev and David Kantarovich due to who the arrival of so outstanding people.

Reb Yosef Zholudev, head of the community

Reb Yosef Zholudev, head of the community:The head of the community, Reb Yosef Zholudev, was born and raised in Gomel, Belarus. After graduating from University and getting a higher education in economics, he went into business. In 2005 he was elected as the chairman of the Beit Yackov community.

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